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This "LOVE SIGNS books series" wants to offer you the opportunity to use your emotions to communicate your thoughts, being sheets with images that inspire positive feelings and love. The desire to love and be loved is something natural for each of us and therefore it is nice to be able to express it in the best way.


Maria Jencek (name and surname of baptism) Satyabhama deve dasi (spiritual name received from my GuruMaharaja) officially begins in 1997 my path to become a Reiki Master and all that my study and practice path in the holistic sector with other Masters in different areas such as: Akashic Registers, Psychogenealogical Constellations, Planetary Gong and many others, with years of teaching and practice. I also build Genesa Crystal and Penta Sfera and many other projects ... Books "Awareness Notebooks Series", "Magic Path Series", "Color Your Emotions Series" "Achievement of Goals Series" "LOVE SIGNS books series"

50 COLOR SHEETS FOR LETTERS WITH HEARTS: Book of colored sheets with hearts for letters and messages of love. You can detach the page you like and ... You can also use it as a personal diary. Flexible cover RECOMMENDED PURCHASE click on the link for information and costs 

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